Erik was a remote guest on my podcast, Making It Up, and during our conversation we began to chat about tarot and oracle cards/readings. On the spot Erik read a tarot card for me based on a question I had about my business plans. IT WAS SPOT ON! Erik sent me a photo of the card after our interview and it really helped to visualize the interpretation he shared.
~~Filomena Jacks, Coach and Visual Artist.

I have received many Tarot readings from Erik, and each time he always approached the reading and me with compassion and whimsy that is authentic who he is. Erik's Tarot readings will have you going to the depths of what your current challenges are in your life right now and help you understand how you can move past, and if needed sit with those challenges.. He is one of the very few people i would trust to receive a tarot and/or intuitive reading from.
~~Dustin Harris

My experience with Erik has been so, so great. It's easy for me to see when I'm running into walls, but harder for me to find my way through them. Erik asks amazing questions, and continually has helped me reveal what lies underneath my patterns. His intuitive sense is on point, and he just always seems to know where to go from wherever we are.

I really appreciate how Erik gently leans into the things that really matter. I’ve been really good at running away from myself, especially the parts that don’t want to be seen, and Erik calls attention to when I’m doing it (often when I don’t even realize I am) without judgement or force. He invites me back to focus, and I often break through hard things without it feeling stressful. I'm surprised every session at how deep we go so easily, and I've had big mindset shifts that become life shifts as a result of working together. His cheerfulness, optimism, and even keel help me bring patience and ease to what feel like huge issues/problems. Also, we laugh a lot, which is really nice. Working with Erik has been so awesome and I’d gladly recommend it to anyone who is breathing.
~~Ali Schmidt, Coach, Musicial, Author.

As a small business owner, my sessions with Erik were invaluable. He gave me the opportunity to talk through some issues in the business in a safe and supportive way, where I didn't fear judgement and could truly talk through the different pros and cons. He empowered me to take the step to level up my business my having difficult, and ultimately productive, conversations with several of my teachers at the studio. Thank you Erik for your help!
~~Sarah Wilkinson

I've had two tarot readings done by Erik. Both providing me with the answers I was looking for. Erik is one of two people that I trust to do this type of reading, because I think it's important to look beyond just the basics of interpreting the cards. I trust his work, and I think the answers he gave me have led me on the right path. I would highly recommend Erik for anyone interested in a tarot reading.
~~Kim B.

Media Appearances


Making It Up, with host Filomena Jacks.
What Excites Us, with host Gwyn
Self Care Summit with host Melanie Wood

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